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That's right! on with the weird stuff.

This week, we are going to take a look at 2 encounters with inhumanoids both had by the same person.

The first she called a vampire but after hearing what this thing looked like, you, like us, may have other ideas of what it could have been.

The second encounter left no question. 

After that, Mike keeps us in the loop with all the UFO/UAP stuff. There has been a gathering held by some of the most powerful people on the world. 

Get ready for space war!

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We love the weird stuff. You love the weird stuff. We know ya do. That's why we re excited to talk about one of the strangest monster sightings ever. 


Bigfoot? No, no, no. Too tame. Dogman? Not weird enough. Sky spitter? Even stranger. And the strangest thing is this creature was seen more than once, by the same person. 


You wana get weird. We'll show you weird. Scarecrow head weird.

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