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This is it you guys. We have come full circle. We started with the show with strange deaths in the Russian mountains, and here we are, 8 years later talking about a different case of mysterious deaths in the Russian mountains. 

The 2 cases are very similar, yet separated by several decades. So today we speculate about the events that caused the deaths of 6 hikers, leaving only a single survivor.
We hope you enjoy the final episode of the What Cast. Join us next week when we start to Cast some What's.
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Planet X is back, baybay!  WOOOOO!


Ok, so it’s not the fabled Planet X that everyone over the age of 30 grew up on.  That being said, there is new evidence to suggest that there might be some massive planet, lurking somewhere in the outer rim of our star system, slowly creeping back toward the Sun and past Earth, where it will deploy the Annunaki to come back and enslave us all over again. 



It’s Nibiru and the reptilians are going to eat your babys!


Anyway, this week we discuss the possibilities of the existence of Planet 9.  Not Planet X

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Throughout history, mankind has tried to harvest the power of magic. It has been used to decide the fates of wars, tell the future, find love. From rituals to sacrifice, we as a species have done every horrible thing imaginable just for a chance to wield such power. A power passed down through the ages in the form of instruction. As books.

Thank goodness all that stuff was lost to time. 

Or was it?

This week we cover cursed books and books of dark magic. 

What's freakier than a 600 year old book on how to summon demons?

One that has had centuries to be refined. 

A better question is: "Why you got that book, Mike?"

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