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Nothing says Christmas quite like a creepy Ouija board story, nomsayin?

This week we discuss the curious case of Pearl Curran / Patience Worth.  The story goes that Patience Worth contacted Pearl through a Ouija board session and through her wrote several books and poems.
Was this a case of a symbiotic spirit possession, or just delusions of an over-imaginative person?
Have a great Holiday!
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Sorry for the delay in episodes. We will keep everyone in the loop, gabeesh?

Everyone please stay safe and thank you for yer understanding.

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Demons and Ghosts
Drape Puncher
Cannon Ghosts
Hiking Bigfeet
Orb Boy
Little People
Dirt Mound 
Gate Demon
Puppet Goblin
Shirted Chicken
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That's right! on with the weird stuff.

This week, we are going to take a look at 2 encounters with inhumanoids both had by the same person.

The first she called a vampire but after hearing what this thing looked like, you, like us, may have other ideas of what it could have been.

The second encounter left no question. 

After that, Mike keeps us in the loop with all the UFO/UAP stuff. There has been a gathering held by some of the most powerful people on the world. 

Get ready for space war!

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We love the weird stuff. You love the weird stuff. We know ya do. That's why we re excited to talk about one of the strangest monster sightings ever. 


Bigfoot? No, no, no. Too tame. Dogman? Not weird enough. Sky spitter? Even stranger. And the strangest thing is this creature was seen more than once, by the same person. 


You wana get weird. We'll show you weird. Scarecrow head weird.

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Read Along!

Stay Safe! Happy Halloween!!

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We’ve covered our fair share of abduction experiences over the years.  Everything from hideous reptoids, to gray aliens with the body of a human woman has been reported as being responsible for these late night visitations.  We have also covered the theory that there may be a human presence behind the abduction mysteries. 


Today, we delve into an interesting case that may fit into both categories.  We have a case in which the members of an abduction support group, lead by a former CIA officer, were all abducted on the same night.


Just what happened that fateful evening?  Were these poor souls victims of repeated torment by aliens, or where they unwilling participants to some sort of Government mind-control experiments?

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Most of us have likely been to a local fair or carnival and viewed the “freaks” and oddities on display.  Most of these are very obvious fakes, but occasionally you come across one that really makes your mind wander and thing “What if this was real?”


Today, we decided to tackle some of the most famous of the fake critters out there.  Strap in while we discuss the Fiji mermaid and Dave Coulier-erm, I meant the jackalope.  Please forgive that slip.  Seriously.  Cut. It. Out.


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You ever sit there, watching your favorite Disney movie and wonder why the Hell there weren’t more talking/singing animals in the real world?


Well first off, put down that pipe.  Secondly, me too.  Thirdly…I’ve lost the point I was trying to make.




This episode is about a special breed of interdimensional, talking, child-stealing bear.  I really don’t think more needs to be said about it.  You know you want to listen and find out more about the bear thing.  Just do it, man.  Hit that play button.

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From legends, to modern ghost stories and movies, the banshee has become a household name.  Is she a harbinger of death or the actual cause? Maybe she is just super empathetic and mourns all death? 

This week we discussed the classic legend as well as a new variant in the new world, The Banshee of the Bad Lands, and she brought a friend! 
Desert Banshee:

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We’ve talked about many different kinds of creeps and spooks that haunt the unsuspecting sleeper.  There have been many episodes featuring the Old Hag, Shadow People, and the dreaded Hat Man.  This week, we take a look at the absolute worst nighttime visitor, the Incubus/Succubus.  Could these sex demons be the actual beings behind sleep paralysis?  Are they responsible for shadow people invading your space?  Maybe it wasn’t that public toilet seat that gave you crabs, after all.


*TRIGGER WARNING*  For those that are sensitive to this sort of thing, we do discuss sexual assault by an unwelcome entity.

Thanks For Listening!

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We have talked about our fair share of cryptids over the years, on this show.  Some of the best stories seem to be about strange animals, whether they are mutants or giants or chimeras.  This week, we decided to take a look at some legendary giant turtles.  Some are reports from sailor, while others have left a permanent mark the folklore of an area.


Join us as we jump upon the moss-covered back of a Zaratan, and delve into the world of mega-turtles!

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The Moai of Easter Island are well know icons among ancient relics. While many speculate on how they were created and moved, many mysteries remain.  

This week, we look into the more outlandish theories surrounding the mythical Moai!

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The name “Mothman” instantly brings to mind the town of Point Pleasant, John Keel, and to many, Richard Greer.  The most famous events involving the Mothman are forever linked to the events in Point Pleasant, WV.  For many, the story died with the collapse of the Silver Bridge.


What if that wasn’t the end?


Recently, there have been a number of Mothman sightings around the area of the O’Hare airport in Chicago.  Not only had the Mothman been lurking around the area, but the airport seems to have become a hotspot for all manner of anomalous activity, including UFOs, and even Greys reported on the ground.


Join us and we delve into the weirdness surrounding this famous international airport.

Thanks for listening!

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In modern times, the image of the dragon is reserved for big budget movies and art on the covers of fantasy novels.  In times past, however, things were much different.

This week we dive into some of the legendary tales from the past that depict dragons and their interactions with humans.  Sometimes we get cautionary tales, others times we get stories of a bad ass warrior who is sent to save the land from a marauding fire breathing beast.

Join us, as we discuss mythical tales from times past, and the dragons who haunt them.


Thank you and stay safe!

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You guys surely must remember Percy Fawcett, the bad ass explorer that mapped parts of South America, and reported back on monstrous animals and an alleged city of gold. 


In a similar vein, we are going to cover a story that was reported by famed adventurer and big game hunter Edgar Beecher Bronson.  Mr. Bronson related a tale told to him by his fellow hunter, John Alfred Jordan, about an unknown reptilian creature that lurks along the Maggori River in Africa.  According to Jordan, he witnessed the best, known as the dingonek, when out on an expedition.

We have heard lots of tales coming out of the more remote areas of Africa that involve impossible creatures, monsters from another time.  Is the dingonek among these famed beasts or this just a case of Africa’s version of Creatures from the Lumberwoods?

Show Notes:

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There are many places around the world that linked with the underworld. NO not crime bosses and Bigfoot porn underworld. We're talking about the Land Of The Dead. Home of The Dark Lord. Hell.

Join us as we take a look into the timeless legend of The Barhout Well. A place so evil, it is said to be the most foul place on earth. A prison for demons. 

This episode was brought to you by Dilago. Thanks for the help in research and translation!!

Thanks for listening!

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Ladies and gents, we are going back to the lumberwoods! 
We revisit the fabled creatures within the frontier wilderness. This time, specifically, we pay particular attention to the hell beast that is the hodag!
Don your favorite flannel shirt, and grab an axe!
Watch The Hodag Doc:
Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

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Let's face it. The government makes everything they release difficult to read, follow and even comprehend. Well no more. On June 25th, The Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence released the Preliminary Assessment Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and we are not going to let it just pass by. 

Now you can join two dumbasses as we read the entire report in it's entirety.

To eliminate confusion, all parts of the report will be audibly highlighted by a slight reverb.

Thanks for listening 

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By now, I’d imagine everyone is familiar with the reptilian conspiracy.  You know the one.  Reptilian aliens are living amongst us, disguised as politicians and other people that wield great power and influence in order to subjugate the human race and eat our babies.  This episode isn’t exactly about that, but it also kind of is.


You see, fair listener, this week we reviewed a documentary that was claiming that the cases of reptilian “showing” themselves in public (wardrobe malfunctions) are not actually an error occurring with the costume, it’s the fact that these people have been possessed by an evil entity.  In this scenario, the reptoids are similar to demons or djinn, and they will enter the body of a host and possess it.  When we see the shape shifting, this is the entity showing itself.


So, just what is going on here and will Crystal butt plugs protect you?

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This week we are all packing up our covered wagons and headed to Arizona where we will learn about the legend of the Dutchman’s lost mine.  Spawning from this legend, we will discuss the mysterious deaths in the Superstition Mountains, where this mine is alleged to exist.  Hikers and treasure hunters alike of gone missing or have been found dead under mysterious circumstances.  Just who, or what is protecting this location?  Does it have any connection to the UFO sightings in the area?


This week, in addition to the afore mentioned awesome, we were joined by Molly of the Vile Files podcast.  Do make sure you check them out for all of your true crime needs!

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Ladies and gentlemen. It's that time again. Time to visit Atlantis once again. So don your scuba gear and let's get ready to-

Oh. Nevermind. Apparently we are heading to the desert. 
"But I thought the Ocean swallowed Atlantis!", you say.
Well, it did.
Let me explain. Well actually, ya know what? Just listen to the show. 
To the desert!
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Its that time again! Time to dig in our old bag of weirdness. This time, we got some old but familiar UFOs, Mothman's cousin-brother is living it up in Chicago and a freaky alien story!

Thanks for listening!!

Stay Safe!

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Everyone loves a good phantom menace, roaming the streets of Victorian London.  We’re all familiar with The Spring Heeled Jack, and Jack the Ripper (no relation), and who could forget SPANKO?!


Tonight, we have a story that predates these fearsome brutes.  Tonight we present to you the tale of the Hammersmith ghost.  This tale is not so much about the ghost itself, but the murder trial that followed.


In the second half of the show, we present the creepy and sad story of Sam, the Sandown Ghost Clown.  He wasn’t a ghost, or a clown.  Weird, I know. 

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In the past, we have covered a couple cases where a bigfoot or a group of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) act out violently, and in some cases, murderously.


When we heard about the documentary series Sasquatch, that investigates the story of a particularly ornery Bigfoot that kills three cannabis farmers in Northern California, we jumped on it.  We could not wait to go on that ride! 


So this week, we are going to be covering this series.  We will start with a general discussion, but we get VERY deep into spoiler territory, so do keep that in mind.


Just what happened to these unfortunate souls?  Was it THE Bigfoot, just some dude named Bigfoot, or maybe the monster truck named Bigfoot?  Did the murder even happen?  What’s with these rhetorical questions anydamnway?


Tune in to find out!

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Alright, I’m just gonna come right out and say it:  Forget all the (Insert animal name here)mans out there.  Yeah, that’s right Dogman.  I’m talking about you.  What are you laughing at Goatman?  You’re included, too.  Oh, and I didn’t forget about you, Bunnyman.  Your time is over.  Now is the time of the Elephantman!  No, I’m not referring to the derogatory name given to Joseph Merrick. 


Ya know what?!  I’m just trying to tell you guys what this episode is about, but you’re making it really difficult!  Quite frankly, I don’t appreciate it.


Since you apparently want to interject, I will just straight to the point.  This week we discuss the elephant people and maybe they are related to the Bunyip, or maybe they are just similar.  Who knows, I’m certainly not their biographer.  Not that you’d care about that, anydamnway…


Also, another UFO update.  Lots of those happening lately.


Now, go ahead, get it all out.  If you need me, I’ll be over there in the corner ignoring you.




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For decades, researchers have been seeking proof that the UFO phenomenon was real.  For the longest time, they had to suffer through grainy, blurry photos; listen to a wide range of eye-witness accounts, with varying degrees of believability; and constant Government cover-ups.

Then we got the tic-tac video, and things started to change.  First, the footage was released, then the pilots were interviewed, and FINALLY the US Navy admitted that this footage was real, and unexplained.

Now, in 2021, we get more declassified documentation that pilots in the Navy are still having run-ins with these things and documenting their encounters.


How much longer do we have to wait until the aliens show up for dinner?!
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Hey there, Fancy Pants.

It's been a while since we did anything with weird animals on the show, so we decided this week to discuss phantom animals.  Now these aren't ghost animals, these are more out of place animals...but maybe also cryptids.
For instance, one of the things we cover this week is phantom, or out of place, kangaroos.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right?  Escaped kangaroos, running amok across the hillside...
What if I told you they aren't kangaroos but actually DEVIL MONKEYS?!  What do you have to say now, Big Mouth?  Huh?
Yeah that's right.  Fucking devil monkeys.
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Last time on the What Cast…


The show came full circle and Mike declared that the show (as you know it) is over and in its place, a haunted cooking show was proposed. 


After taking a couple weeks off to prepare for this momentous new direction, we gathered together to do a little cooking and cast some whats around.  Unfortunately, as is the way of The What Cast, things didn’t go as planned. 


Soooo…It’s looking like maybe The WhatCast that you all know and love isn’t dead, afterall.


I hope you like invisible attackers, because there won’t be any chili.

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This is it you guys. We have come full circle. We started with the show with strange deaths in the Russian mountains, and here we are, 8 years later talking about a different case of mysterious deaths in the Russian mountains. 

The 2 cases are very similar, yet separated by several decades. So today we speculate about the events that caused the deaths of 6 hikers, leaving only a single survivor.
We hope you enjoy the final episode of the What Cast. Join us next week when we start to Cast some What's.
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Planet X is back, baybay!  WOOOOO!


Ok, so it’s not the fabled Planet X that everyone over the age of 30 grew up on.  That being said, there is new evidence to suggest that there might be some massive planet, lurking somewhere in the outer rim of our star system, slowly creeping back toward the Sun and past Earth, where it will deploy the Annunaki to come back and enslave us all over again. 



It’s Nibiru and the reptilians are going to eat your babys!


Anyway, this week we discuss the possibilities of the existence of Planet 9.  Not Planet X

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Throughout history, mankind has tried to harvest the power of magic. It has been used to decide the fates of wars, tell the future, find love. From rituals to sacrifice, we as a species have done every horrible thing imaginable just for a chance to wield such power. A power passed down through the ages in the form of instruction. As books.

Thank goodness all that stuff was lost to time. 

Or was it?

This week we cover cursed books and books of dark magic. 

What's freakier than a 600 year old book on how to summon demons?

One that has had centuries to be refined. 

A better question is: "Why you got that book, Mike?"

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Today, we look into the Abduction at Buff Ledge.  This is one of the earlier abduction cases, but it ticks all of the boxes that we have come to associate with the abduction phenomenon.  While there are sceptics that claim this was a fabricated story, there was a significant amount of research that went into the case, as well as assessing the mental fortitude of the victims.  As a way to support the claims of these unfortunate individuals, there were independent witnesses who also claimed to have seen strange lights over the water of Lake Champlain on that fateful night.


Was this a real case of alien abduction?  Were the memories that were uncovered part of a screen memory to hide what REALLY happened?  Perhaps 2 bored adults just decided, on a whim, to concoct an alien abduction story, 10 years after the fact, with no chance of profit or gain.  Yeah.  That last one seems legit. 

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It’s been a while since we’ve discussed a classic haunting story, so this week we decided to talk about the Borley Rectory.  Dubbed “the Most Haunted Place in England” by some and an utter hoax perpetrated by the owners in connection with a team of paranormal investigators.

Were the events that unfolded on the grounds of Borley Rectory real, or just an urban legend, perpetuated by those involved?


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You guys know how we’ve talked about Missing 411 somewhere near one millions times, by now.  Just for kicks, we decided to talk about disappearances that had NOTHING to do with the missing 411 stuff.  This stuff is a cross between X-Files and Unsolved Mysteries.  Just weird stuff that kind of makes you scratch your head and wonder just what the Hell is going on. 


Thanks for listening!


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Good morning/afternoon/evening/Christmas/Whatever.

Welcome back to another episode, we thank you ever so much for listening.  You’re all good eggs in our book.  This week we take a gander at Brad Steiger’s book The Awful Thing in the Attic.  This book kind of documents some of the cases that Mr. Steiger has researched over the years.  We discuss a few of the cases documented in his book, such as the bleeding wall murder house, the sucking jelly bags, and the Horrible Hag of Detroit.  If this suits your fancy, go grab a copy!

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This week, we take you along on a journey with us as we explore a handful of creepy, allegedly real, footage of spooks and ghosts. 

Feel free to watch along and speculate with us. We've linked all videos in our show notes playlist on YouTube.
Thanks for listening!
Vid 1 - 3
00:00 - Locked Door
03:00 - Pinata Shop
08:26 - Headless
Vid 4
Blood - On Our Instagram
Vid 5 - 
07:03 - Guard Cam
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Guys. Guys. GUYS! I know! We are late.  We left you hanging for 2 weeks with no show.  We didn’t write, we didn’t call.  What a couple of jerks.  We know!  But, come on, guys.  It was the holiday season! The end of the year!  It was an exhausting year, too.  You know! You were there, too! And you…and you…and…YOU! Plus, we got an email from Dave, witch means you know your messing up.

All that is over and we decided, since we left you all hanging, that we would put out a show early this week.  For the first show of the new year, we decided to tell you about some Brother-Cousins of the Mothman.  This week we take a look at West Virginia’s own Devil Dog (AKA The What Thing. AKA Sheepsquatch)  and the Grafton Monster.  Both of these guys have been spotted in the areas around Point Pleasant.  Some sightings have even occurred around the infamous  TNT plant where the Mothman was said to dwell.

Just what is going on in West Virginia, anydamnway?!

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