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You guys surely must remember Percy Fawcett, the bad ass explorer that mapped parts of South America, and reported back on monstrous animals and an alleged city of gold. 


In a similar vein, we are going to cover a story that was reported by famed adventurer and big game hunter Edgar Beecher Bronson.  Mr. Bronson related a tale told to him by his fellow hunter, John Alfred Jordan, about an unknown reptilian creature that lurks along the Maggori River in Africa.  According to Jordan, he witnessed the best, known as the dingonek, when out on an expedition.

We have heard lots of tales coming out of the more remote areas of Africa that involve impossible creatures, monsters from another time.  Is the dingonek among these famed beasts or this just a case of Africa’s version of Creatures from the Lumberwoods?

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There are many places around the world that linked with the underworld. NO not crime bosses and Bigfoot porn underworld. We're talking about the Land Of The Dead. Home of The Dark Lord. Hell.

Join us as we take a look into the timeless legend of The Barhout Well. A place so evil, it is said to be the most foul place on earth. A prison for demons. 

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Ladies and gents, we are going back to the lumberwoods! 
We revisit the fabled creatures within the frontier wilderness. This time, specifically, we pay particular attention to the hell beast that is the hodag!
Don your favorite flannel shirt, and grab an axe!
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