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Greetings and salutations, one and all!

You may have heard about the documentary that is being dubbed as “one of the most important documentaries of the year”.  Well, this week, we decided to discuss Phenomenon, the documentary that aims to open up the discussion of the reality of UFOs. 

In sticking with that theme, we also review some recent UFO sightings videos and give our thoughts. 

Spoiler alert:  They are ALL barn owls.

UFO Videos:


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Thanks for listening!!



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What is up, everysinglebody?

We are living in crazy times, and we hope that everyone is able to retain some form of sanity and weather the shit storm.  In order for us to stay a bit grounded, we decided to go back to the old days and talk about our past.  We discussed how our interest in the paranormal started and some of our earliest experiences from our childhoods.

Was a young Mike probed by aliens?  Did Mateo REALLY take a ghost to the prom?  The answers, and more, remain unanswered, but we hope you listen anydamnway.

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