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Have you guys every heard of the Mothman, thing?  Yeah, the one from the movie.  No. No, Richard Greer is not the Mothman.  Do you even pay attention to things?  Listen, you’ve got a lot to learn about-


You know what?  Forget it.  I’m not your mom.  I’m not here to harp on you about your attention to detail.  I’m here to tell you about this week’s show.


Coming at you this week:  The Mothman may have left Point Pleasant, but is it still around?  In 2017 reports began coming in regarding a series of Mothman sightings in Chicago.  Researcher Tobias Wayland began looking into these sightings and was able to uncover a massive amount of cases in Illinois that predates the 2017 sightings.  We have compiled the best reports and are now bringing them to your ear holes.

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WIZARDS! *Queue lightning* MAD SCIENTISTS! *maniacal cackling* POLTERGEISTS! *Audible gasp*


This week on The What Cast we take a look at a couple interesting individuals from history.  Both considered to be wizards or sorcerers by the general public, but this was likely not the case.  Listen, just because one guy can control lightning and create new species of insects, and the other guy can stretch himself like Mr. Fantastic and make furniture dance, that doesn’t mean they are freakin’ wizards.  I mean…I can’t do that sort of stuff, but I also can’t slam dunk and last I checked Michael Jordan wasn’t a wizard…or was he?


I’m all confused now and my world view is quickly shifting.  I’m lost guys.  Alright, move on.  Look over there, WIZARDS!

Thanks for listening!

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In the past, we’ve discussed the fearsome creatures of the American Lumberwoods.  If these sorts of critters were being discussed around campfires in the early days of The United States, just imagine the similar creatures that were being discussed around ancient campfires across the world!


Today, we here at the What Cast, delve into the myths and legends surround the fearsome creatures of the ancient lumberwoods.  Hold on to your lederhosen!

Griffin Claw:


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