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We’ve covered our fair share of abduction experiences over the years.  Everything from hideous reptoids, to gray aliens with the body of a human woman has been reported as being responsible for these late night visitations.  We have also covered the theory that there may be a human presence behind the abduction mysteries. 


Today, we delve into an interesting case that may fit into both categories.  We have a case in which the members of an abduction support group, lead by a former CIA officer, were all abducted on the same night.


Just what happened that fateful evening?  Were these poor souls victims of repeated torment by aliens, or where they unwilling participants to some sort of Government mind-control experiments?

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Most of us have likely been to a local fair or carnival and viewed the “freaks” and oddities on display.  Most of these are very obvious fakes, but occasionally you come across one that really makes your mind wander and thing “What if this was real?”


Today, we decided to tackle some of the most famous of the fake critters out there.  Strap in while we discuss the Fiji mermaid and Dave Coulier-erm, I meant the jackalope.  Please forgive that slip.  Seriously.  Cut. It. Out.


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