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The Moai of Easter Island are well know icons among ancient relics. While many speculate on how they were created and moved, many mysteries remain.  

This week, we look into the more outlandish theories surrounding the mythical Moai!

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The name “Mothman” instantly brings to mind the town of Point Pleasant, John Keel, and to many, Richard Greer.  The most famous events involving the Mothman are forever linked to the events in Point Pleasant, WV.  For many, the story died with the collapse of the Silver Bridge.


What if that wasn’t the end?


Recently, there have been a number of Mothman sightings around the area of the O’Hare airport in Chicago.  Not only had the Mothman been lurking around the area, but the airport seems to have become a hotspot for all manner of anomalous activity, including UFOs, and even Greys reported on the ground.


Join us and we delve into the weirdness surrounding this famous international airport.

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In modern times, the image of the dragon is reserved for big budget movies and art on the covers of fantasy novels.  In times past, however, things were much different.

This week we dive into some of the legendary tales from the past that depict dragons and their interactions with humans.  Sometimes we get cautionary tales, others times we get stories of a bad ass warrior who is sent to save the land from a marauding fire breathing beast.

Join us, as we discuss mythical tales from times past, and the dragons who haunt them.


Thank you and stay safe!

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