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Let's face it. The government makes everything they release difficult to read, follow and even comprehend. Well no more. On June 25th, The Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence released the Preliminary Assessment Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and we are not going to let it just pass by. 

Now you can join two dumbasses as we read the entire report in it's entirety.

To eliminate confusion, all parts of the report will be audibly highlighted by a slight reverb.

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By now, I’d imagine everyone is familiar with the reptilian conspiracy.  You know the one.  Reptilian aliens are living amongst us, disguised as politicians and other people that wield great power and influence in order to subjugate the human race and eat our babies.  This episode isn’t exactly about that, but it also kind of is.


You see, fair listener, this week we reviewed a documentary that was claiming that the cases of reptilian “showing” themselves in public (wardrobe malfunctions) are not actually an error occurring with the costume, it’s the fact that these people have been possessed by an evil entity.  In this scenario, the reptoids are similar to demons or djinn, and they will enter the body of a host and possess it.  When we see the shape shifting, this is the entity showing itself.


So, just what is going on here and will Crystal butt plugs protect you?

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This week we are all packing up our covered wagons and headed to Arizona where we will learn about the legend of the Dutchman’s lost mine.  Spawning from this legend, we will discuss the mysterious deaths in the Superstition Mountains, where this mine is alleged to exist.  Hikers and treasure hunters alike of gone missing or have been found dead under mysterious circumstances.  Just who, or what is protecting this location?  Does it have any connection to the UFO sightings in the area?


This week, in addition to the afore mentioned awesome, we were joined by Molly of the Vile Files podcast.  Do make sure you check them out for all of your true crime needs!

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Ladies and gentlemen. It's that time again. Time to visit Atlantis once again. So don your scuba gear and let's get ready to-

Oh. Nevermind. Apparently we are heading to the desert. 
"But I thought the Ocean swallowed Atlantis!", you say.
Well, it did.
Let me explain. Well actually, ya know what? Just listen to the show. 
To the desert!
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Its that time again! Time to dig in our old bag of weirdness. This time, we got some old but familiar UFOs, Mothman's cousin-brother is living it up in Chicago and a freaky alien story!

Thanks for listening!!

Stay Safe!

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