The What Cast

WIZARDS! *Queue lightning* MAD SCIENTISTS! *maniacal cackling* POLTERGEISTS! *Audible gasp*


This week on The What Cast we take a look at a couple interesting individuals from history.  Both considered to be wizards or sorcerers by the general public, but this was likely not the case.  Listen, just because one guy can control lightning and create new species of insects, and the other guy can stretch himself like Mr. Fantastic and make furniture dance, that doesn’t mean they are freakin’ wizards.  I mean…I can’t do that sort of stuff, but I also can’t slam dunk and last I checked Michael Jordan wasn’t a wizard…or was he?


I’m all confused now and my world view is quickly shifting.  I’m lost guys.  Alright, move on.  Look over there, WIZARDS!

Thanks for listening!

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