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In the past, we have covered a couple cases where a bigfoot or a group of Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) act out violently, and in some cases, murderously.


When we heard about the documentary series Sasquatch, that investigates the story of a particularly ornery Bigfoot that kills three cannabis farmers in Northern California, we jumped on it.  We could not wait to go on that ride! 


So this week, we are going to be covering this series.  We will start with a general discussion, but we get VERY deep into spoiler territory, so do keep that in mind.


Just what happened to these unfortunate souls?  Was it THE Bigfoot, just some dude named Bigfoot, or maybe the monster truck named Bigfoot?  Did the murder even happen?  What’s with these rhetorical questions anydamnway?


Tune in to find out!

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